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The following provides the list and short summary of hopefully helpful articles published in our Club's monthly Newsletter on how to fish our area productively and safely. Click on the title to open the full text article.

New to the Area? Start Simple.  Keep it Simple at First April 2009 So where do you start? This month we cover a few basic suggestions to get you on the water and, hopefully, get fish into the boat. This is just one of many possible approaches for fishing in/near Beaufort Inlet that has proved productive. Check it out.
For Starters - Try Fishing Beaufort Inlet May 2009 Here, we take a look at the Beaufort Inlet area. It’s easily accessible, and offers a variety of fishing. A lot of water goes through the Inlet, often carrying bait and with larger fish chasing that bait. Specific tackle and location suggestions are offered.
OK, You Want to Go Fishing …What about the Weather? June 2009 Wind and waves determine whether smaller boats (say, less than 25 ft) can get out and fish on the sounds and near-shore safely, and if so, how enjoyable a day you might have. How to develop the skills to get the feel of how good the forecasts around here on the coast are, and improve your chances are of not getting caught in ugly conditions unexpectedly.
Pan-Pan ! Pan-Pan! July 2009 Know your marine radio calls and be prepared to use when appropriate or respond.  ‘PAN PAN’ is the approved “urgency signal” that indicates the calling station has a very urgent message to transmit concerning the safety of a ship, aircraft, or a person’s safety . ).  ‘Pan-Pan’ calls may be followed by a distress call, so know what to do.
Coast Guard Activates DSC for NC Coast July 2009 Did you catch the news on June 22, 2009  where a family was rescued off their sinking boat  8
miles off Bogue Banks? The immediate and successful rescue was enabled by our area’s
newly operational Coast Guard DSC system. What is DSC? Find out.
Digital Selective Calling (DSC) Explained July 2009 What is Digital Selective Calling and what are its benefits?  DSC is a digital data transfer between radios versus voice transmission. DSC allows mariners to instantly send an automatically formatted distress alert to the Coast Guard. and to communicate by sending digital messages to other boats in the area. DSC recently became active along the North Carolina Coast.  Learn how to use it.