Directory of Key Association Documents

(Last Updated June 2016)

The following is a list of important documents and forms for home/lot owners in  Waterways Edge as you consider lot work or home construction at Waterways Edge.  The Waterways Edge Homeowners Association has established PROTECTIVE COVENANTS and adopted RULES that must be followed before any lot preparation, landscaping or home construction can take place.

    The Protective Covenants are recorded with Craven County in BOOK 1533 PAGES 069 - 087.

    The COVENANTS provide that the Board of Directors may from time to time establish RULES for use of properties within Waterways Edge in order to protect the value of Lots, the aesthetic qualities of each Lot and the tranquility of the owners.  The COVENANTS also state that all such rules shall be effective after written notice of adoption is mailed to the record owners of all Lots and Living Units as of the date of the adoptions of such rule.  All such RULES are enforceable as though they were included in the originally recorded Protective Covenants.

    The Association's BY-LAWS describe how the Association is organized and conducts its business.

    The covenants and rules require that before starting any lot preparation or construction (which includes driveway construction, clearing, among other activities), each lot owner must submit two copies of an application for ARCHITECTURE REVIEW by the Association's Architecture Review Control (ARC Committee).

    Please read the below documents carefully to determine what must be included in the ARC APPLICATION.

    TWO COPIES of your completed application (or QUESTIONS) should be go to to:

                Waterways Edge Homeowners Association Architecture Review Committee

                C/O Peggy Stallworth, Chair

                540 Joyner Drive

                Havelock, NC 28532

Phone numbers can be found in your list of current lot owners that you received from the Association.


WWE HOA Protective Covenants

WWE_HOA Rules In Effect
WWE_HOA Articles of Incorporation

Architecture Review Control Application